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Please join the National Center on Elder Abuse in creating a public awareness campaign for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day!

The deadline to submit videos is April 27!

What's the goal?

World peace! OK, not really, but close! At the NCEA, we imagine a world without elder abuse and we want to share our vision, one that we know is shared by all of you, with the rest of America. To do that, we need YOU to add your voices, pictures, passion and commitment to this campaign. 

Cool! What do I need to do?

It's really easy!

1. Find some people to film.

2. Decide on your message about elder abuse

3. Film them

3. Email the video to us

4. Stand back and wait for the magic!


But I don't have a fancy camera!

Not to worry! Use your camera, cell phone, or flip cam 

What should I say?

Film yourself (and/or someone else) saying the lines

  • "I stand for dignity
  • "I will not stand for elder abuse"
  • "The time is now"
  • "United against elder abuse"
  • "Break the silence"
Then say a few short sentences about why seniors are important to you, or how elder abuse has affected you and your loved ones. Feel free to hold up a sign, use sign language, etc. 

How long should my video be?

Our final product will be a 3 minute video collage so be brief (about 15-30 seconds)!

Who should I film?

We encourage you to recruit family, friends and pets to join our cause! We'd love to have kids, seniors, and everyone in between. We really want to reflect the diversity of America and clips in different languages are welcome (but please provide a translation into English).

Where do I upload my video?

Upload your videos directly to our Youtube channel by emailing them to If you film your video on your cell phone, you can email your video directly from your phone. If you used a digital camera, please download the video onto your computer, then email it to the above address via Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. 

After I upload my video, then what?

All of your videos will be available on the Elder Abuse Youtube page. We will be compiling footage from those received into a cohesive video message which we plan to release on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: June 15, 2012.

Do you need help getting the word out to others?

No, I think we can do this ourselves . . . just kidding. Yes, please help us by posting this link on your Facebook page, tweet about our elder abuse video campaign, email this information to your networks. Not only do we want a lot of videos to create the final product, we want the final product to go viral on YouTube. 

The deadline to submit videos is April 27!

Permissions and that other legal stuff

By uploading a video to the YouTube page, you are indicating that you give the NCEA permission to use the footage for the purposes of creating this video message. If you are filming others, you are responsible for getting their permission to use their images in your video. Entrants must obtain parental consent for each person under age 18 (including themselves, if applicable) who appear in the video. 

Other questions? Suggestions? Ideas?

Write to the NCEA staff at

Thank you for your support!

In dignity, 

University of California, Irvine NCEA staff