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NEW MOBILE APP: 368+ Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Guide for CA Law Enforcement


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One in ten older Americans experiences abuse or neglect each year. The numbers of abuse reports are growing at the same time that resources for agency responses are shrinking. To help California law enforcement in their work responding to abuse of elders and dependent adults (vulnerable adults with disabilities), the Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse and Neglect has partnered with the nonprofit Institute on Aging to develop a mobile app guide or "cheat sheet."
Named "368+ Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Guide for CA Law Enforcement" in reference to CA Penal Code 368, this product was developed with advice and assistance generously provided by colleagues from law enforcement, civil law, and medicine.

368+ Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Guide for CA Law Enforcement is now available for Droid devices, iPhones, and iPads. It can also be viewed on your mobile web browser.  

For a limited time, this app is available free of charge, thanks to supporters like The Archstone Foundation, San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, and UniHealth Foundation.

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App Features »

Based on input from multidisciplinary community partners, we've created these useful features for this mobile app:

  • Warning Signs of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation
    • What to look for in the home environment, caretaker behavior, elder/dependent adult behavior, medical markers
  • Elder and Dependent Adult Penal Code 368
    • Easy-to-reference summary of Penal Code 368
    • Other common crimes that can be used in conjunction with a PC 368 arrest
  • Quick tips on Memory Loss, People with Dementia as Witnesses, Caretaker Role, assessing common injuries like Bruises and Pressure Sores
  • Agency Contacts for cross-reporting and for providing assistance to the victim
Mobile App Screen Captures »
screen capture of PC 368 summary screen capture of Warning Signs 1 screen capture of Bruising screen capture of Agency Contacts
Reporting Form SOC 341 »


List of Local APS Offices

BONUS - Training Resources and Reference Tools »

YouTube Channel for this App: ElderAbuseCA

Training videos for law enforcement and other professionals on identifying and responding to elder abuse

California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform

Elder Abuse website focuses on abuse occurring in long-term care facilities and on elder financial abuse

California District Attorneys Association

Publications and trainings are available only to prosecutors and employees of law enforcement agencies

CA Legal information on protection from elder abuse

National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life: Undue Influence Training

This CD describes a full-day training curriculum designed primarily for law enforcement officers to explore the parallels between undue influence (UI) and domestic violence, to better understand the dynamics of some financial exploitation cases and recognize effective investigative strategies.

Office for Victims of Crime, Library and Multimedia

Offers several training videos on elder abuse and responding to crime victims with disabilities

Project MASTER, Academy for Professional Excellence, San Diego State University

A training program designed to provide a competency-based multidisciplinary training to Adult Services workers and their partners.

UC Irvine Program in Geriatrics

Geriatric Pocket Doc: A handy guide to common geriatric conditions and signs of elder abuse

Acknowledgements  »


To everyone who reviewed, gave feedback, and/or contributed content to this app, your participation and collaborative spirit is much appreciated.

Excerpts from Geriatric Pocket Doc are used with permission from Laura Mosqueda, MD, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, Division of Geriatric Medicine & Gerontology.

Det. Cherie Hill, Anaheim Police Department

Herschell Larrick, Institute on Aging

Steve Riess, Esq

ADA Jean Rolland, San Francisco District Attorney's Office

Lt. Art Stellini, San Francisco Police Department

Mary S. Twomey, MSW, Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse & Neglect at University of California, Irvine

Lucia Wade, Sonoma County District Attorney's Office, Elder Protection Unit

Denise Watt, Legal Aid Association of California

Andy Chen,  Mobile Web Creator and Technical Consultant

Thank you to our supporters: The Archstone Foundation, San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, and UniHealth Foundation

A Special thanks to California Law Enforcement who protect and serve our elders and dependent adults every day! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this important issue.  

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